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Prefabrication Detailing

Prefabrication Detailing

We have in-house facilities powered by Tekla 3D Software/ AutoCad3D Software to create prefabrication drawings to be examined by clients so that errors at the fabrication stage are minimized.


We have a comprehensive range of cutting, shearing, drilling and welding equipment to ensure that detailed designs are transformed accurately into fabricated parts for successful erection and installation.

Our workers are trained to exceed competency levels stipulated by the Singapore Steel Society and the Building Control Authority of Singapore.



We have an experienced and well trained team of Site Managers and Lifting Supervisors to ensure that erection work are on schedule and design compliant. Aside from our own team of skilled Welders and Fitters, we have developed a reliable team of contract workers to augment our own manpower pool. Site Safety and minimization of impact to neighboring structures are amongst our major concern in the erection phase. Our erection teams have experience working with complex structures, heavy gantry and cranes, close tolerance erections, retrofits and maintenance.


Design Evaluation

Design Evaluation

We assist clients evaluate their existing designs in order to:

• Minimize the project cost and achieve design excellence

• Ensure that their designs, especially if they are conceptualized by foreign contractors, are able to fulfill the requirements of Building Construction Authority, Singapore.

Design evaluations are conducted by external expert civil engineers and structural steel consultants that have long established relationship with TKM.

Material Supply

Material Supply

Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with a network of steel producers and other essential raw materials for our trade and is able to assist our customers achieve greater productivity and quality assurance in their material procurement.

Our services in procurement are all encompassing….from the request for quotes/tenders, to the tracking of delivery, goods inspection, quality testing, the provision temporary storage facilities for materials and JIT deliveries to worksites.

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