HSE Goals

In line with our aim to be socially responsible and to attract the best from the industry, at TKM we are dedicated to:

  • Keeping our employees safe and healthy, well trained and working together towards a brighter future.
  • Keeping our worksites safe, secure and hygienic to protect all people, equipment and assets within it, and to maintain the highest standard of environmental hygiene.
  • Being Environmentally Friendly. We strive to conduct our operations and in a manner reduce the strain on the environment.

Healthy & Safety of Employees

TKM is committed to high standards of health and safety for all of its employees. We recognise that we operate within a particularly risky working environment and we are proud of our perfect safety record. Health and Safety of our employees is always a focus area for continual improvements.

To this end we have achieved certifications under OHSAS 18001 since 2007 and BizSAFE under the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Council since 2010. We have fully dedicated health and safety officers who are responsible, working with the Company Senior management to develop and maintain a positive health and safety culture for all aspects of the Company’s operations. A health and safety coordinator is assigned to every project is in charge of safety matters and provide a professional advice to the workers before working.

Environment Sustainability

We strive to conduct our operations and in a manner that will reduce the strain on the environment.

We will comply with existing environmental legislation, as well as existing requirements for sustainability education.

Through this, we are not only helping the environment but also educating our employees and customers on how our projects and operations can be achieved in a more environmental friendly way.

Energy and water conservation, reduction in material wastage, recycling and green procurement policies are being inculcated to staff as a way of lifeā€¦in our office , factory and site operations.